In Response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Because Kind Care Animal Hospital is considered a “close encounter workplace,” we have placed temporary protocols for our office and will continue to adhere to the CDC and DHEC guidelines as closely as possible as their recommendations are intended to assist in providing a safe and healthy workplace.

For the next several weeks, please adhere to the following (updated June 21, 2021):

  • Starting Monday, June 21, 2021, we are offering in-person scheduled appointments with all of our doctors.
  • If you have a scheduled appointment with one of our doctors and would like to remain on curbside service, we are more than happy to accommodate—please inform us of your preference at the time of scheduling.
  • We have updated our mask policy in accordance with CDC recommendations. We will still require masks (or a face shield for our hearing impaired staff) when in close contact both outdoors and indoors, unless shown proof of COVID-19 vaccination. While it is not required that vaccination information be shared, we do require masks to be worn properly to cover your nose and mouth unless vaccine information is volunteered. Also, while not required for vaccinated individuals, we do still encourage masks to be worn in close contact, especially indoors, as this is defined by the CDC as still at some risk level with variants of the virus and other unknowns.
  • Once you have arrived at our office, please call or text 843-399-5803 to let us know that you have arrived and provide us with the parking space you are in and the reason for your visit.

Scheduled In-Person Appointments

  • Your doctors’ veterinary technician will come get you (1 person per appointment is permitted) and your pet from your vehicle once your exam room is properly sterilized and ready for use. Once inside our facility, please follow all guidelines to maintain social distancing. We are requiring clients to remain seated in the exam room and not closely interact with our staff while we are working with pets.
  • If your appointment runs over, we have designated areas in the lobby for you to remain seated in those areas with a facial covering. We will go through the checkout process at the front desk with sneeze guards in place.

Curbside Appointments

  • Your doctors’ veterinary technician will come get your pet from your vehicle and we will treat your pet inside the hospital while you wait in your vehicle. **Please have dogs properly leashed and cats in latched carriers so that we may safely transport them in and out of our hospital.** Once your pet’s exam/services are complete, the doctor will call you to discuss their findings and your pet will be returned to you by the technician. A client service representative will then call you for payment once the doctor advises them that you are ready to settle up. We ask that you please wait for our call and not dial back in as our call volume has increased due to curbside service.
  • We are making exceptions to euthanasia appointments by allowing families to enter a large exam room to continue practicing a safe distance. Our team will guide families through the process of how to enter the building, what to do once inside, and how to exit.
  • Curbside Only Services: In order to lower the volume in our lobby, some services will remain on curbside service only at this time. Please call upon your arrival and provide your parking space number and the reason for your visit. We will gladly take your cash or card payment at your vehicle and bring your items along with an invoice to your car.
    • Work-ins (non-scheduled patients)
    • Patient drop-offs and discharges
    • Technician appointments (nail trims, anal glands, bloodwork only, etc.)
    • Food or medication pick-ups
  • We respectfully ask that if you or any family member is or has recently experienced any upper respiratory symptoms or have traveled anywhere to please inform our staff.
  • Our staff will abide by a “safe-distance” protocol when it comes to working with you and your pets and we kindly ask that you allow us to operate under these conditions in order for us to be here for your pets as much as possible. We will be wearing masks as we approach your vehicles and as always, washing our hands in between patient and client interactions.
    • We are currently operating on a limited staff and normal business hours; therefore, wait times during this time may increase and we ask for your patience as we work through these rather odd times.
    • We have made certain adjustments in order to serve our clients more efficiently and will continually make necessary adjustments to meet your needs.
    • Due to limited appointment slots and limited staffing, we are not accepting new clients at this time. We hope to serve our new members of our growing community soon.

We want to thank all of our clients for the continued support while we all work through the developments and new operations of the coronavirus. We plan on remaining open to assist with providing full service unless otherwise advised. We will post any updates here and on our Facebook page. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. We will all get through this together.